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The Transportation Division’s primary responsibility is the transportation of prisoners to various locations when outside the detention facility. There are transport officers working day shift, evening shift and weekends. Additional duties include, but are not limited to, serving civil papers to individuals in the county, supporting jail staff in the detention facility, assisting/backing-up patrol officers on calls and car stops, and assisting and conducting court security and bailiff duties when necessary.

On average, the Transportation Department makes between 40-50 trips per year to deliver nearly 400 male and female prisoners to the different prisons after sentencing. Prior to sentencing, the prisoners must be taken to court when in our custody. The department makes 350 trips to the Joplin Court House and 145 trips to the Carthage Court House per year. This equates to approximately 2,800 prisoners total taken to both court houses, which holds 7 different court divisions, during a year.

Transportation must pick prisoners up from the various agencies inside and outside of the county and state and brought to the Jasper County Detention Facility. The number of prisoners picked up hovers around 500. The number of prisoners transported to our detention facility for road patrol officers and detectives per year averages 115. Additionally, prisoners are transported to and from hospitals, mental institutions, and doctor’s offices.

The evening car in Transportation will perform regular transport duties along with serving the civil process papers which were not served during the day. During a year Transportation will receive approximately 3,700 civil papers to serve which include ex-parte’s, subpoenas, summons’, garnishments, and probate notices.

This division currently operates a fleet of 5 vans, and 2 cars. Transportation averages a total of 175,000 miles per year.