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Patrol Deputy

The Patrol Deputy provides law enforcement services to the citizens of Jasper County. This includes protecting citizens and property by patroling neighborhoods, traffic enforcement, making arrests, serving warrants, and responding to calls for service. The primary objective is to keep our communities safe and help prevent future criminal activities from occurring.


  • U.S. Citizen
  • 21 yrs. of age, and must be a class “A” POST Certified Peace Officer
  • Meet vision standards
  • Meet hearing standards
  • Meet JCSO standards concerning tattoos
  • Have a valid Missouri Driver’s License
  • High School diploma or equivalent
  • Be able to pass a thorough reference and/or background investigation, which may include a polygraph/voice stress exam.
  • If required, a psychological evaluation and physical examination.
  • Tests administered may consist of written, practical skills, physical agility, oral interview, typing, or any other form which allows the candidate to demonstrate his/her suitability for the position.


Starting Salary
Commissioned: $34,317.08 / year
*Increased starting salary for previous law enforcement experience.

Additional Perks
Take-home cars, advancement opportunities, specialized training (S.W.A.T, K9, Drug Enforcement, ICAC, CSI Certifications, etc.), wellness program.

Medical, Dental, Vision & Life.

LAGERS: County provides this at no cost to the employee. 5 years to be vested, 55 years old to retire with full benefits. In 2019 the county voted to raise the LAGERS retirement benefit to one of the highest rates in the state and still be eligible for social security.

CERF: The employee optionally can put 4% of their salary into this fund, 8 years to be vested, 62 years old to retire full benefits. CERF provides a $10,000.00 death policy at no additional cost. Additionally, employees can contribute to an optional savings plan. The County will match .50 cents of every $1 contributed.

1 week for the first year
2 weeks after the second year
3 weeks after ten years
4 weeks after 15 years

Sick Leave
8 hours of sick pay per month, 480 hours cap.

The County typically receives 16 paid holidays a year.

Academy/Scholarship Opportunities
Up to $6000.00 Police Academy reimbursement for full-time Employees hired within six months of graduation.