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About Us

Jasper County is a first class county that has 641 square miles of territory with a population of 117,404.

There are 940 miles of County maintained roads, 348.8 miles of State and Federal maintained highways, and 548.29 miles of roadways inside cities of Jasper County.

Jasper County was established on January 29, 1841.

Governor Thomas Reynolds appointed John P. Osborn as Jasper County’s first Sheriff, who served from 1841 – 1846.

Carthage was chosen as the county seat on March 28, 1842.

This photo was taken in June 1958 when Jasper County Sheriff’s Deputies began wearing the “Officially recognized uniform of Missouri County law enforcement officers.” Pictured from left are, Chief Deputy Paul Archer, Deputy George Bastain, and Deputy Omer Casey. In 1958, these three men made up the Sheriff’s Office day shift.

List of Previous Sheriffs

1.John P. Osborn18411846
2.Samual B. LaForce18471850
3.John Potts18511852
4.T. F. Thompson18531856
5.N. C. Hood18571859
6.Thomas J. Haskell18601861
7.Stephen M. Hood18621864
8.Charles C. Brown18641864
9.Edmond M. Burch18641865
10.S. H. Caldwell18661868
11.C. E. Spencer18691872
12.J. S. Zane18731874
13.U. Hendrickson18751876
14.J. C. Beamer18771878
15.J. S. McBride18791880
16.R. M. Roberts18811884
17.John C. Bailey18851888
18.Julius C. Miller18891890
19.James F. Purcell18911894
20.W. S. Crane18951896
21.W. H. Warren18971900
22.Albert Rich19011902
23.James T. Owen19031904
24.John A. Marrs (R)19051906
25.W. P. Parker19071908
26.Arch McDonald (R)19091912
27.C. E. Baker (D)19131916
28.Oll Rogers (D)19171920
29.Harry J. Mead (R)19211924
30.Guy T. Humes (R)19251928
31.Harry D. Stephens (R)19291932
32.Oll Rogers (D)19331936
33.Harry O. Rogers (D)19371940
34.George H. Tatum19411944
35.Russell Lamb (R)19451946
36.George Hickam (R)19471972
37.Joe Hart (R)19731976
38.Leland B. Boatright (R)19771988
39.W. J. Pierce (R)19892003
40.W. Archie Dunn (R)2003 2012