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The Special Weapons and Tactics Division (SWAT), originally known as the Special Response Team (SRT), formed in the fall of 2003. Its mission was and is to serve search warrants involving dangerous persons in potentially hazardous environments, respond to situations involving armed and barricaded subjects, or hostage situations.

Starting in 2003, and continuing through this year, the SWAT Team has had the privilege to conduct an annual training exercise at several local trucking companies. The exercises are administered by the Department of Defense and test the Team’s ability to respond to mock terrorist threats involving Weapons of Mass Destruction. Several agencies have assisted in these exercises including Newton County Sheriff’s SWAT team, Joplin Police Department’s SWAT team, Duenweg’s Police and Fire Department, METS, U.S. Marshals, D.O.D., and the U.S. Army. The premise of the exercise is for role players to take control of government assets and test our local agencies ability to respond in an appropriate and timely manner.

The members of the SWAT Team would like to take this opportunity to thank several individuals and companies that have assisted with the procurement of equipment. R & R Trucking and Tri-State Motor Transit for their donations and a shuttle van. Ben and Juanette Martin (Martin Security) for donating an armored vehicle. Southern Uniform and Equipment for helping us purchase necessary safety equipment. And last but not least, the citizens of Jasper County for passing the Law Enforcement Sales Tax which allows us fund our team’s day-to-day operations.

To join the SWAT Team, a Deputy is required to work at the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office for at least a year, be in the Patrol Division or have patrol experience, and he or she must not have any recent disciplinary actions in their personnel file. Deputies are then required to pass a rigorous obstacle course that tests the candidate’s ability to negotiate real-life barriers and weapons proficiency course. Once completed, a candidate is required to pass an oral exam, a psychological exam, and a have an interview with the Command Staff.