Civil Process

The Civil Process Division consists of a total of four employees, one which is a supervisor (Corporal). This Division is also overseen by a Sergeant which also supervises two other Divisions (Bailiff's and Court Security).

The job duties of the civil process division are to serve and handle all types of court documents consisting of: Orders of Protection (Adult and Child), Subpoenas, Summons, and Garnishments. Other duties of the civil process server are to execute Evictions, Replevins, and Levies. Some of these duties require the Deputy to seize and later auction off property with a judgment issued from the courts.

These Deputies utilize a county issued unit which allows them to conduct their duties. Civil Process Deputies are required to have good communication skills with the public, Sheriff’s Office employees, and all court employees. The Civil Process Deputy is also required to assist if needed with the Patrol, Transportation, and Courts Divisions.

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